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My story

an old school expertise


Born in 1950, I started as an apprentice baker at the age of 14, and I started working after 3 years of training. Today, I am 67 years old with 53 years of experience. I needed to learn about everything from the bread, the yeast, kneading, consistency. The dough is alive, it must be uniform.
It’s a hand-on job to give flavor and enhance the value of the product.
We have to be skillful on all levels, taste with our eyes and be sure of yourself.
When I started to work for great maisons, I learned how to make canned fruits, homemade ice cream, I would pick, clean, peel, and prepare fruits to be cooked.
It’s an old-school expertise, but everything is not written in books.
At 18 years-old, I did my military service, passed my driver’s license and became a licensed military chauffer. Then during the 60’s, I drove and delivered for “Les Halles” in the Fruits and Vegetable section, near Place des Victoires in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.
At 19 years-old, I start out, once more, as an employee in a bakery and by 23 years-old I opened my first bakery with an associate, which we ran for 9 years.
A few years later we open 5 more bakeries and make and deliver 700 breads per day.

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We are located at the crossing of rue de la Butte aux Cailles and rue des 5 Diamants in the 13th arrondissement.
And since we arrived in 1983 at “La Butte” the neighborhood didn’t changed so much! Before it used to have more shops, such as butchers, delicatessen shops.
Many shops have closed since that time. But here, it’s a village, it’s family, it’s like in the country side, it’s pleasant, there is life.